Conference Program

Written by Mor Peleg


Please note: we moved the short papers from Tuesday to Monday, so sessions  Therapy planning, Scheduling & Guideline-based Care I

and Natural Language Processing I are new. On Tuesday, we will start at 10am.


Sunday July 3rd

Sunday 08:30-09:30 Registration

Sunday 09:30-10:00

Opening Ceremony 
Chair: Nada Lavrač

Sunday 10:00-11:00

Invited Talk

AndreyRzhetsky, University of Chicago

Understanding etiology of complex neurodevelopmental disorders: two approaches, p. 1
Chair: Mor Peleg


Sunday 11:30-13:15

Knowledge-based Systems
Chair: Silvana Quaglini


Vida Groznik, Matej Guid, Aleksander Sadikov, Martin Možina, Dejan Georgiev, Veronika Kragelj, Samo Ribarič, Zvezdan Pirtošek and Ivan Bratko           

Elicitation of Neurological Knowledge with ABML, p.  14


Azizi Ab Aziz, Michel Klein and Jan Treur           

Intelligent Configuration of Social Support Networks around Depressed Persons, p. 24


Maria Adela Grando, Laura Moss, David Glasspool, Derek Sleeman, Malcolm Sim, Charlotte Gilhooly and John Kinsella

Argumentation-logic for explaining anomalous patient responses to treatments, p. 35


Adrien Ugon, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Carole Philippe, Hélène Amiel and Pierre Levy,       

How to use symbolic fusion to support the Sleep Apnea Syndrome Diagnosis, p. 45


Wilko Wieringa, Harm Op Den Akker, Valerie M. Jones, Rieks Op Den Akker and Hermie J. Hermens          

Ontology-Based Generation of Dynamic Feedback on Physical Activity, p. 55


Sunday 14:45-16:00

Data Mining

Chair: John Holmes


Rui Li, Andreas Hapfelmeier, Jana Schmidt, Robert Perneczky, Alexander Drzezga, Alexander Kurz and Stefan Kramer

A Case Study of Stacked Multi-View Learning in Dementia Research, p. 60


Fernando García-García, Gema García-Sáez, Paloma Chausa, Iñaki Martínez-Sarriegui, Pedro José Benito, Enrique J. Gómez and M. Elena Hernando

Statistical Machine Learning for Automatic Assessment of Physical Activity Intensity Using Multi-axial Accelerometry and Heart Rate, p. 70


Angelo Nuzzo, Riccardo Beretta, Francesca Mulas, Valerie Roobrouck, Catherine Verfaillie, Blaz Zupan and Riccardo Bellazzi

A Data Mining Library for miRNA Annotation and Analysis, p. 80


LanZagar, Francesca Mulas, Riccardo Bellazzi and BlazZupan  

Ranking and 1-dimensional projection of cell development transcription profiles, p. 85


Aydano Machado, João Marcelo Lyra, Renato Ambrósio Jr., Guilherme Ribeiro, Luana P. N. Araújo, Camilla Xavier and Evandro Costa

Comparing machine-learning classifiers in keratoconus diagnosis from ORA examinations, p. 90


Alan Jovic and Nikola Bogunovic          

HRVFrame: Java-Based Framework for Feature Extraction from Cardiac Rhythm, p. 96


Sunday 16:20-18:20

Special Session on AI Applications
Chair: Ameen Abu-Hanna and Steen Andreassen


Saeid Eslami, Nicolette F de Keizer, Dave Dongelmans, Evert de Jonge, Marcus J Schultz and Ameen Abu-Hanna

Lessons learned from implementing and evaluating computerized decision support systems, p. 101


Niels Peek, Rick Goud, Nicolette De Keizer, Mariëtte van Engen-Verheul, Hareld Kemps and ArieHasman          

CARDSS: Development and evaluation of a guideline based decision support system for cardiac rehabilitation, p. 109


Nizar Messai, Jacques Bouaud, Marie-Aude Aufaure, Laurent Zelek and Brigitte Séroussi

Using Formal Concept Analysis to Discover Patterns of Non-Compliance with Clinical Practice Guidelines: a Case Study in the Management of Breast Cancer, p. 119


Helena Lindgren           

Integrating Clinical Decision Support System Development into a Development Process of Clinical Practice – Experiences from Dementia Care, p. 129


Jill Freyne, Shlomo Berkovsky, Nilufar Baghaei, Stephen Kimani and Gregory Smith        

Personalized techniques for lifestyle change, p. 139


Stephen Edward Rees, Dan Stieper Karbing, Charlotte Allerød, Marianne Toftegaard, Per Thorgaard, Egon Toft, Søren Kjærgaard and Steen  Andreassen

The Intelligent Ventilator Project: Application of Physiological Models in Decision Support, p. 149

18:30 AIME Board Meeting



20:15 Welcome Reception



Monday July 4th

Monday 09:00-10:00

Invited Talk

Manfred Reichert, University of Ulm

What BPM Technology Can Do for Healthcare Process Support, p. 2  (slides)

Chair: Carlo Combi

Monday 10:00-11:00

Probabilistic Modeling and Reasoning
Chair: Riccardo Bellazzi


Catherine G. Enright, Michael G. Madden and Niall Madden

Clinical Time Series Data Analysis Using Mathematical Models and DBNs, p. 159


Maarten Van Der Heijden, Bas Lijnse, Peter Lucas, Yvonne Heijdra and Tjard Schermer   

Managing COPD Exacerbations with Telemedicine, p. 169


Marina Velikova, Peter Lucas and Marc Spaanderman    

A Predictive Bayesian Network Model for Home Management of Preeclampsia, p. 179


Monday 11:30-13:00

Terminologies and Ontologies

Chair: Alan Rector


Duy Dinh and Lynda Tamine     

Voting techniques for a multi-terminology based biomedical information retrieval, p. 184


Maja Milicic Brandt, Ana Rath, Andrew Devereau and Segolene Ayme     

Mapping Orphanet Terminology to UMLS, p. 194


Christine Golbreich, JulienGrosjean and Stefan Darmoni

The FMA in OWL 2, p. 204


Lina F. Soualmia, Nicolas Griffon, Julien Grosjean and Stéfan J. Darmoni           

Improving Information Retrieval by Meta-Modelling Medical Terminologies, p. 215


Fleur Mougin, Marie Dupuch and Natalia Grabar

Improving the mapping between MedDRA and SNOMED CT, p. 220


Arash Shaban-Nejad, David L. Buckeridge and Laurette Dubé     

COPE: Childhood Obesity Prevention [Knowledge] Enterprise, p. 225


Monday 14:55-16:00

Temporal Reasoning and Temporal Data Mining
Chair: Yuval Shahar


Lilian Minne, Evert de Jonge and Ameen Abu-Hanna

Repeated Prognosis in the Intensive Care: How well do Physicians and Temporal Models perform?, p. 230


Chrisopher K.I. Williams and Ioan Stanculescu

Automating the Calibration of a Neonatal Condition Monitoring System, p. 240


Miguel R. Álvarez, Paulo Félix and Purificación Cariñena

Mining temporal constraint networks by seed knowledge extension, p. 250


Martin O'Connor, Genaro Hernandez and Amar Das        

A Rule-Based Method for Specifying and Querying Temporal Abstractions, p. 255


Amanda Richards, Martin J. O’Connor, Susana Martins, Michael Uehara-

Bingen, Samson W. Tu, and Amar K. Das

Web-Based Querying and Temporal Visualization of Longitudinal Clinical Data, p. 260


Therapy planning, Scheduling and Guideline-based Care I

Chair: Silvia Miksch


Martin Michalowski, Marisela Mainegra Hing, Szymon Wilk, Wojtek Michalowski and Ken Farion

A Constraint Logic Programming Approach to Identifying Inconsistencies in Clinical Practice Guidelines for Patients with Co-Morbidity, p. 296


Cédric Pruski, Rodrigo Bonacin and Marcos Da Silveira

Towards the Formalization of Guidelines Care Actions using Patterns and Semantic Web Technologies, p. 302


Borna Jafarpour, Samina Raza Abidi and Syed Sibte Raza Abidi

Exploiting OWL Reasoning Services to Execute Ontologically-modelled Clinical Practice Guidelines, p. 307


Silvana Quaglini, Silvia Panzarasa, Anna Cavallini and Giuseppe Micieli  

Guideline recommendation text disambiguation, representation and testing, p. 312

Natural Language Processing I

Chair: Niels Peek


Fennie Liang, Robert Stevens, Donia Scott and Alan Recto       

Automatic Verbalisation of SNOMED Classes Using OntoVerbal, p. 338


Borut Sluban, Matjaž Juršič, Bojan Cestnik and Nada Lavrač

Evaluating Outliers for Cross-Context Link Discovery, p. 343


Aron Henriksson, Martin Hassel and Maria Kvist

Diagnosis Code Assignment Support Using Random Indexing of Patient Records - A Qualitative Feasibility Study, p. 348

Poster session 17:00 – 19:00


20:00 Social Dinner





Tuesday July 5

Tuesday 10:00-11:15

Therapy planning, Scheduling and Guideline-based Care II
Chair: Peter Lucas


Arturo González Ferrer, Annette Ten Teije, Juan Fdez-Olivares, Krystyna Milian    

Careflow Planning: from Time-annotated Clinical Guidelines to Temporal Hierarchical Task Networks, p. 265


Mar Marcos, Jose A. Maldonado, Begoña Martínez-Salvador, David Moner, Diego Boscá and Montserrat Robles

An archetype-based solution for the interoperability of computerised guidelines and electronic health records, p. 276


Zhengxing Huang, Xudong Lu and Huilong Duan           

Variation prediction in clinical processes, p. 286


Tuesday 11:45-12:35

Natural Language Processing II
Chair: Blaz Zupan


Neil Barrett and Jens Weber-Jahnke

A Token Centric Part-of-Speech Tagger for Biomedical Text, p. 317


Stefania Rubrichi, Silvana Quaglini, Alex Spengler and Patrick Gallinari

Extracting Information from Summary of Product Characteristics for Improving Drugs Prescription Safety, p. 327

Closing ceremony & buffet

Chair: Nada Lavrač


Instructions for Speakers

A PC with data projection facilities and internet access is available at the speakers' podium. We are assuming that all presenters will want to display slides:

· in Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Acrobat format;

· loaded from a memory stick or CD or floppy disc.

Presenters should let Tina Anzic know if this is not the case.

It will also be possible for presenters to project from their own laptops and access to the Internet via Wireless LAN (including Remote Desktop and SSH) will be available. (But have some "Plan B" available just in case!)


Instructions for Poster Presenters

Posters should not exceed 90 cm wide by 180 cm tall. Fixings will be provided.
Posters can be mounted from Sunday (July 3rd) morning and should remain up until the end of the conference.
Poster spaces will be allocated in advance; please consult the plan on arrival.