Doctoral Consortium Call for Papers

Written by Carlo Combi   

Important Dates

March 25, 2011 Deadline for submission
April 11, 2011 Notification of acceptance
April 25, 2011 Camera-Ready Copy Deadline
Saturday July 2, 2011 Doctoral Consortium

Aim and who should attend

The fourth Doctoral Consortium for the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME) series of conferences will take place on Saturday 2nd July 2011 in conjunction with the 13th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 11) to be held in Bled, Slovenia ( The Doctoral Consortium will provide an opportunity for PhD students to present their research plans or their preliminary work in an informal and supportive atmosphere. The Ph.D. students can discuss their plans, preliminary results (optional), and the specific problems they are encountering. They will get feedback and advice from a number of prominent academic researchers with substantial experience in the field who will actively give constructive feedback and advice and contribute to the discussions.

The Doctoral Consortium will host the presentations by about 6 Ph.D. students who will be selected by the Doctoral Consortium chair. It will also include a short intensive tutorial on structuring a research paper (and the corresponding work) on different topics and with different perspectives (theoretical, methodological, experimental, application-oriented), and will be concluded with a general discussion and evaluation.


Unlike other conference submissions, a Doctoral Consortium submission pertains specifically to the Ph.D. thesis as a whole or part thereof (hereafter both will be termed “the research work”). To apply for participation at the AIME 11 Doctoral Consortium, please submit a research plan on a topic related to AI in Medicine of 2000 to 2500 words (approximately 4-5 pages) of your research work. Submissions should be submitted electronically in PDF format and should include a short description of:

* The problem, with an argument of why it is important.

* The goal and the research questions.

* An outline of what is already known about the research problem.

* Your planned approach and methods for solving the problem.

* The expected results from the research work like overviews, algorithms, better understanding of a concept, a pilot, model or system.

* Any questions you might have or problems you encounter for which you specifically would like feedback on such as: do I need to write a systematic review before I start? How should I proceed? Where should I consider publishing? How should I evaluate my work? Which courses would suit me best to carry out the work? Is it normal to meet my supervisor once a week/month/year?

Submissions should be sent by email to

The doctoral consortium chair will select about 6 submissions to be presented and discussed during the meeting. The selection is based on the relevancy to AI in Medicine topics (see for example the AIME 11 topics), relevancy to the doctoral consortium (there is for example no point to present finished work at the meeting), the clarity of writing, and the resulting spectrum of presented topics.

Academic Panel

Aside from the doctoral consortium chair, an Academic Panel consisting of the following leading researchers in the AIM field will conduct the AIME Doctoral Consortium:

Ameen Abu-Hanna; Steen Andreassen; Riccardo Bellazzi; Michel Dojat; Werner Horn; Elpida Keravnou; Peter Lucas; Silvia Miksch; Niels Peek; Silvana Quaglini; Yuval Shahar; Blaz Zupan.


Participation in the meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend and not just to the presenting Ph.D. students. Details on payment and registration will be announced later and will be posted on the AIME 11 web page.


Selected submissions will appear in workshop notes that will be distributed among registered participants.

Doctoral Symposium Chair

Carlo Combi, Ph.D.

Dipartimento di Informatica

Universita' degli Studi di Verona

Ca' Vignal 2

strada le Grazie 15

I-37134 Verona - VR - Italy


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